Stop the rot – it’s time for a real federal anti-corruption watchdog now

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The past fortnight has made it clear that Australian politics has a serious corruption problem.

Whether it's disgraced MPs arranging dodgy visas or the Department of Infrastructure spending $30 million on $3 million worth of land for an airport, it is clear that we need a federal ICAC, now more than ever.

It’s been two years since Prime Minister Scott Morrison promised a federal anti-corruption body. Despite these promises, Budget 2020 did not mention an anti-corruption body.

There have been claims that COVID means we must wait for a federal anti-corruption watchdog.

This is a time of unprecedented restrictions on our freedoms and record government spending, if anything the COVID-19 pandemic makes the case for more accountability even stronger. The truth seems to be that Scott Morrison and his Ministers do not like being held accountable.

Independent MP Helen Haines has proposed legislation that would deliver the kind of strong, independent federal ICAC we need. That means public hearings, coercive powers and the funding to get the job done.

The bill has serious support from the other parties. We believe now is the time for a federal ICAC. If you agree please sign this petition and share it. 

Enough is enough.