Federal ICAC now

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We call on the acting Government of Australia, currently the Liberal-National Coalition led by Scott Morrison, to implement a Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption.

This commission should be secure in its funding and removed from government interference, with powers similar to a royal commission, extensive judicial oversight, mandatory public reports and hearings, and protections for witnesses and whistleblowers.

The trust Australians have in their political system is at an all-time low. Our voices are not being heard. Social media, the only forum for many to express their views, is routinely derided by politicians as a kind of lynch mob.

Corruption is rife in Australian politics. Members of the Morrison cabinet are accused, in only the most recent memory, of submitting false documents to parliament, administering sports grants to win election votes, and blocking essential funding that could’ve helped prevent the 2019-20 fire crisis.

The government does nothing in response to these allegations, and why would they? With no corruption watchdog, the government is tasked with policing itself. The line between acceptable behaviour and corruption is free to move based on the whims of the current government.

Simply put, a Federal ICAC is essential to protecting the integrity of our democracy, now and into the future.