Noiseless fireworks

Noiseless fireworks

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Started by Julie Williams

Fireworks have been in existence in all of my 52 years on this planet and who doesn’t appreciate a well organised flurry of beautiful colour and pretty sparkles in the sky as a spectator young and old on bonfire night.

However, now in 2021 fireworks are not limited to the 5th Nov to commemorate Guy Fawkes. They are used throughout November December and January for celebration purposes and not just organised events but accessible by individuals of the public young and older to let off in gardens and public places with little regard for those that will be affected by them.

Some examples and not limited to:

Those men and women who have served in wars over the years and bangs, whizzing sounds and sudden flashes of lights instantly take them back to an horrendous memory, wildlife nesting and flee out of total hysteria leaving young behind which will die such as birds rodents and farming animals such as sheep pigs cows out in acres of farmland etc.

AND then what probably resinates with most of you reading this right now is our domestic animals. Horses in fields or stables becoming hysterical in running through fences with Dia consequences or damaging themselves enclosed in a stable. Owners trying to comfort their dogs/cats/parrots and any other animal inside their home and they are trembling in a corner under a table defecating because of the noise of fireworks going off in the neighbourhood.

My petition is simple. No restriction to organised events carried out in public places which are well advertised and organised.

I want to take to the government is to reduce the sale of fireworks to the public to noiseless fireworks. Fireworks are beautiful and that will be seen without noise and a help save so many people and animals from trauma created by the noise. 

Please help me to get this to Parliament. 




231 have signed. Let’s get to 500!