No more GST On menstrual hygiene Products

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About the problem 

Only 12% of India’s 355 million menstruating women use menstrual hygiene Products and the remaining 88% of women resort to shocking alternatives like unsanitized cloth, ash and husk sand. Around 70% of women say their family cannot afford to buy menstrual hygiene Products, and maybe it is these figures that make people believe that menstrual hygiene Products are a luxury item when in fact, they are a necessity.

Making sanitary Products and tampons from 12% GST rate to tax-free is the first step. In a country where women are forced to use things like straw and ash during their periods, putting a tax on sanitary napkins seems like a travesty of common sense. Taxing women for a biological process they have no control over is like taxing women for who they are.

 what is the affect of Making it affordable ?

More girls will attend school due to the affordability and availably of menstrual hygiene Products and more woman will be able to participate in work comfortably

How you may help

Take this pledge for the millions of Indian women out there. I request everyone to sign the petition to make way for Tax Free menstrual hygiene Products and a better future for women

Together lets spread awareness about periods