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We have been suffering for the last 3 yrs for getting a descent job in central government but at the time of SSC CGL 17 final results when CGDA department sent vacancy position of 3082 auditors ; SSC which is governing body has unethically rejected those vacancies.

Although this was same happened in previous year i'e. CGL 16 when CGDA reported 3125 vacancies for Auditors and that time SSC is easily accepted those vacancies .

Our question to SSC is why this injustice happened to us???

Who gave such POWERS to SSC to decline those vacancies this is totally our Violation of FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS.

What we need is our justified vacancy and job 

We just want to request Commission as well as Ministry to see our plight and give justice to us otherwise our future is nonetheless hell because this is not only a exam for us this is our respect, pride and what not.