Make fireworks available only a few days before bonfire night

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I am wanting to limit the amount of time before bonfire night that fireworks are on sale to the general public. The reasoning behind this is the fear that they put into animals, especially dogs, is unfair as they don’t understand what’s going on. 

I don’t want to completely stop fireworks because like many others, I enjoy them but I think they should be limited to being sold 2 days before bonfire night and the same for New Year’s Eve. As people are letting them off weeks before bonfire night and continue to do so right through until the New Year. You can appreciate that this is a very long time, almost 2 months that people are letting fireworks off at all hours and scaring the life out of animals and unnecessarily stressing them out. 

A couple of days before and the night of bonfire night, we can be with our pets and give them comfort and reassurance but unfortunately, 2 months is a very long time for them to be having to deal with all the noise and it’s not fair on them. 

If this passes through I would like to see a limit on the time which they are sold so they can’t just be let off constantly for weeks. Like I said before, I enjoy them as much as anyone else but this is unfair on these poor animals, that don’t know what’s happening and are absolutely terrified! 

Im quite lucky that our dog is okay with fireworks but she still barks now and again when they are close. Unlike many, many other pets which can’t cope with the noise and are terrified to the point at which they are having accidents and crying under the bed. It’s just so sad and unfair. 

Please sign and lets help these poor animals through this time of year. 

Thanks for reading :)