Is the time long enough before putting an unclaimed dog to sleep? 7 days is no time at all

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It can take just 7 days for a healthy unclaimed dog to be put to sleep.  Approximately seven thousand dogs are put to sleep because of this reason in the UK every year.  If we are really a nation of animal lovers and loving dogs in particular, then it is time for change.

Please sign this petition and lets get noticed.  Lets make it law that local authorities must hold onto dogs for longer than 7 days before rehoming them or putting them to sleep.  21 days should be the minimum.  I would like to make this timescale longer but I want to aim for something achievable.  Lets give the owners more time to find their dogs.  If the dogs are unwanted lets give the dogs more time to get a place in a rescue centre.  I appreciate extra funding will be needed but these dogs die alone and afraid. They cannot stand up for themselves.  We have to do it for them.  Please sign and prove we are a nation to be proud of.

I've just updated the picture today  (10.11.17) to show the reality of the situation.  Dogs lined up after being killed ready to place in a bin bags.  This is happening every day in the UK!