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This is soooo important to me because i lost one of the most beautiful amazing pitbulls and my grandbabies that were nothing but loving happy dogs!!! When the cops came to take my children (pittys) Tequila was wagging her tail happy to just have attention.. little did she know that she was going to get put down! Well i have broken into the dog kennle to save my dog from being destroyed, many times and so did other family members as well.. Im sad to say that Tequila and her babies were not destroyed but they are in a pitbull rescue farm in Halifax Nova Scotia! i find it so fuckin stupid that some people look down on pitbulls and say they are very dangerous just cause the `lock jaw` Well just to put it out there, that there are more attacts on golden retreivers attacking children on bikes than pitbull attacts... They will protect your family to the fullest, just like a german sheperd, rotty, dobi and are the most human like dogs you`ll ever meet! Cuddling under the blankets, head on the pillow, spooning with their owner! jumps into your arms and gives you sooooo many kisses !! ALSO A TRICK OF THE TRATE that the show ``Dog Whisperer`` Ceasar Millian brings his pure bread pitbull to the bad dogs when he is done training them! And ceasers favourite quote for Pitbulls is :`A tired Pitbull is a good Pitbull` and i didnt belive it until i did it. Roller blaiding with Tequila before I would go to work for 30 min (just let her pull me most the way) woudl make tequila soooo out of breath and tired that WOW IT WAS A COMPLETLY DIFFRENT DOG!! ITS ALL IN HOW YOU RAISE/ TRAIN YOUR PITBULL! 1) you can train them to be visious and you will get a visious dog! OR 2) YOU CAN TRAIN THAT PITBULL TO BE THE BEST SMART, SWEET, INNOCENT DOG YOU'LL EVER MEET! and thats what i had THE BEST SWEETEST DOG ANYONE COULD HAVE EVER ASKED FOR AND BECAUSE OF THIS STUPID BAN I LOST THE BEST PET IN THE WHOLE WORLD! AND ALSO LOOKIN AT ABOUT 20,000$ IN FINES BECAUSE SHE WAS ILLEGAL FROM BIRTH AND HAD PUPPIES, not registering, not nutering, not sterilizing, 1500 per puppy (she had 8)!! SOOOO STUPID!!! like i might even end up going to jail because of unpaid fines!!!..................i've had plenty of diffrent kinds of dogs and my FAVORITE #1 BY FAR WOULD BE THE PURE BREAD PITBULL!!!

i really hope that this ban is lifted and hopefullly i can get 2 pure bread pittys again!! :)

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