BAN dog tethering in Ontario *NO EXCEPTIONS* , NO MORE cases like these 14 chained dogs!

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Tethering of a dog is inhumane and can be dangerous to the confined dog, people, and other animals.

Constant chaining/tethering makes dogs neurotic, unhappy, anxious, and often even aggressive. They are often starving and out in the cold or heat, isolated and deprived of pretty much everything. 

A change is needed NOW. We need your help to help the dogs.


For ALL dogs, no exceptions, we want:

* A law for a total ban on tethering of all dogs, no exceptions.

*  Adoption of the CVMA guidelines for animal care to be used by all Inspectors, SPCA Inspectors and Law Officials investigating complaints of animal Cruelty of Distress.


The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association denounces tethering. But....Ontario has NO LAWS to protect dogs from this fate!

So, the cruel practice keeps happening. The government and its animal welfare division are not on top of this. Like with these 14 dogs, found in an open field on short chains, in the cold, without water and clearly starving. It took many calls from neighbours and Canadian dog lovers starting January 21, until the dogs were finally taken away from that horror place on February 13. This is shameful and gross neglect of duties! Would this even have been done without the build up of social media pressure in the past weeks?

Read the terrible story of these 14 chained hunting dogs here on facebook

Chaining/tethering dogs like this is very common in Canada, and very much so in Ontario, for instance with sled dogs, hunting and working dogs! Such cases pop up daily, to our sadness and despair. 

This is cruel and should be stopped forever

This petition aims at Ontario premier Doug Ford and Minister Solicitor General, Animal Welfare and Police in Ontario, Sylvia Jones. They have the power to make these laws. We will get your signatures to them. 


* Please sign and share this petition, so we can put pressure on authorities to ban tethering by law. Please Share, share, share! <3
* When you see a constantly tethered dog, you can try to speak to the owners, and you can document by video and pictures, and share this with the right authorities and on your social media.
* You can of course also do something extra and email the government in your area. Find your MPP here-

Change is possible when we all speak up for a humane treatment of all dogs!