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harsher penalties for animal cruelty and dog baiting.

there is an increase of more severe animal abuse with hardly any deterrent

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Harsher penalties for animal cruelty and dog baiting.
Dear Sir/Madam
There is an increase of more severe animal abuse with hardly any deterrent
The people who are capable of such cruelty usually escalate from animals to more vulnerable people, the old,feeble and very young, anyone who is weaker than them. These people need to feel important and in control, they seek power, but are mostly unable to compete with anyone who is stronger than they are. The abuse on animals seems to be getting worse from very violent physical cruelty to mental and emotional trauma. The use of animals to train dogs to fight is barbaric and is in all countries. The bait dogs are dogs obtained from free ads, stolen from gardens etc. These dogs are usually cut or maimed for first blood and the mouth is taped or the head incased to stop them defending themselves, they are sometimes tied to an object to stop their retreat and then the attacking dog is encouraged to rip the bait dog to pieces. This is for fun and also many bets are placed on dog fighting rings. The actual fighting dogs are starved and tormented until they become vicious, the ones who are too submissive and wont fight are beaten and eventually used as bait. None of these dogs, the attacker and the bait dogs ever recover from the horrific abuse.
The deterrent for these crimes is a ban from owning dogs, maybe a fine, nothing that is ever going to stop this evil. The government should be stamping out this violence and realise these animals are living, feeling creatures and they are being subjected to horrific torture which would make most people weep. Sometimes I wonder at the levels of abuse these people think of, physical,emotional, mental and even sexual. No human being should inflict such abuse on a defenceless animal and it should be a crime that is dealt with severely to show we will not put up with this kind of inhuman behaviour. We all ask you to please help these innocents and review the penalties for animal cruelty as the current deterrents are no deterrent and the abusers get away laughing in the face of decent people.

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