Covid-19 Don’t let our children be “guinea pigs”

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In this unprecedented time of the Covid-19 Pandemic, it appears that some Ministers are pressing for our children to be sent back to school on 1st June in the UK.

We are not going to allow the next generation, our children, to be treated as guinea pigs for this cruel virus to be tested upon. This also includes all teaching and support staff.

When the Government, and all MPs from all parties feel that the current lockdown can be eased, then it should be them who return to Parliament in person every day for three weeks and if no symptoms arise, THEN AND ONLY THEN can they discuss the possibility of our children and teachers and support staff returning to school, but unless Parliament leads the way we will not be sending our children and staff to school.

We were told that children did not contract the virus badly, but this has been disproved by the sad and tragic deaths of children within the last 3 weeks.

Please sign this petition to advise the Government that when it is truly safe to lift the lockdown then MPs should be the first group of citizens to go back to work in Parliament for 3 weeks to ensure that the science is correct.

We CANNOT and MUST NOT play with our children’s lives.