Desexing and microchipping to be mandatory

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Sadly in New Zealand there is no legislation around desexing and microchipping of cats. Approximately there are 196,000 stray cats in New Zealand. Cats can be pregnant at 5 months of age and have several litters per year. If these figures are tallied up over 5 years that's thousands of homeless, unwanted kitten's, cats being born from one cat alone. 

Due to people not desexing their cats the stray cat population is heart breaking they are being born sick, suffering, starving, fending for themselves wild/timid leading very hard and sad lives. 

Animal rescues are bursting at the seems picking up the pieces of dumped neglected, stray unowned cats and something needs to chance fast.

There is legislation around dogs so why not cats. This is something that most of the public has talked about yet nothing ever comes of it. The longer it's left the worse it's getting. 

If desexing and microchipping was law (except for registered breeders) there would be far fewer stray, unwanted, sick, suffering cats/kittens and less cats hit on roads, lower euthansia rates. If it's law it might make people think twice about the responsibility of owning a cat beacuse it's a privilege not a right to own an animal.We domesticated them we owe it to them to look after them