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Close Ocean Fisheries to Industrial Fishing by Creating Global High Seas Marine Preserve

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Petition for the Creation of a Global High Seas Marine Preserve

To Governments and Global Leaders

Whereas since 1970 half of the wildlife in the oceans has been slaughtered, and the world’s major fisheries are collapsing, and are either in decline or being over fished and

 Whereas over 70 million sharks are being killed annually by Asian nations for shark fin soup, and sharks are an important predator at the top of the food chain and necessary for the health of the fisheries, and

Whereas 90 percent of the predators in the oceans have been killed. These predators include but are not limited to blue fin tuna, sword fish, sail fish, marlin, sharks, and

Whereas the industrial commercial fishing fleets of ten nations who subsidize their fishing industries are responsible for 70 percent of the industrial commercial fishing. These industrial commercial fishing fleets constitute less than one percent of all fisherman and

Whereas over one billion people depend on the fish protein from the oceans for their daily food and certain cultures have been dependent on fishing as their economic livelihood for thousands of years, and

Whereas industrial commercial fishing on the high seas is destroying the oceans' sea life including sensitive coral reefs that take thousands of years to develop, and,

Whereas the High Seas is the area on the planet known as international waters out past 200 miles that are governed by the Law of the Seas Treaty,

NOW THEREFORE, We the citizens of the planet hereby Petition our governments and global leaders to amend the Law of the Seas Treaty as follows:

-Create a Global High Seas Marine Preserve under International Law permanently closing off international waters, the area of the planet commonly known as the “high seas”, to industrial commercial fishing,

-All shark finning is permanently banned,

-All long lining is permanently banned,

-All drift nets are permanently banned,

-All nations shall work to clean their beaches and rivers from all plastic and other garbage to prevent it from entering the oceans,

-All nations shall assist in enforcing this ban on commercial fishing and work to improve the fisheries,





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