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Please share this page as much as possible. BSL needs to be abolished taking innocent dogs from their loving homes is unacceptable the stress the families go through alone is terrible. My boy TYE was seized today (22/09/2016) at 10.17am when officers and dog specialists turned up at my house in Bolton with a warrant to remove my dog from the premises after meeting and greeting tye to see that his temperament was at that of a high standard and the lovingness coming from him the kisses the officers were greeted with when he came into the garden to tye sensing there was something wrong when officers got out a lead to take him he cowered underneath my legs and looked at me for security I could do nothing than look at his sad little eyes starring at me wondering were he was going I've tried my very best from day one to bring my two lads up and they have been raised to respect the house they've grown up with and the people who live here and to protect our home when necessary even it is with the monster that lives in the hover that comes alive when I touch it.
Tye is a very well behaved loved and looked after boy to call him a dog is a complete I sultry to him because he's a baby like my son. I can't imagine what he's going through right now and the stress going through him as he waits in a strange place without cuddling up to family to fall asleep with. 
There' is no doubt tin my mind that he will pass every single test that is put in front of him but right now I need the support and advice to bring him back to were he belongs.
To some people dogs are just dogs. I've brought tye and blu up since they were 5 week old they couldn't walk and barely move about they've been house trained since they were about 8 week old brought up around grace from day 1 brought up to protect grace and the house when needed and to accept everybody and get along with dogs and all people and respect them also. All I ask is to everybody sign this petition get my baby home. 

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