Better Personal Protective Equipment to protect NHS Healthcare Workers from Covid-19

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Healthcare workers are being deployed to the frontline and the available Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is not satisfactory to protect us from contracting Covid-19. We are already starting to loose our dedicated team members due to contracting the virus at work and dying. In carrying out our duties, caring for patients around the clock - caring patient to patient we need to have the occupational risk and hazards minimised. We need an urgent inquiry into whether Healthcare workers are risking their lives with what we have been given to wear when we care for Covid-19 patients. We need this evaluation fast, otherwise we become a risk to ourselves and the public we are trying to treat. 

We are heading into an escalating crisis. The reality is the public are not obeying the social distancing rule and are not doing everything they can to prevent themselves or protect others from contracting Covid-19. The cycle of needing our over-stretched 111 and 999 services has already begun and intensive medical care demands on the primary and secondary care services are rising. 

Please sign and share this petition so it can reach the Government to review this situation with NHSE and Public Health England and for them to allocate the best quality PPE to protect the workforce. We need as many of us at work treating patients and not succumbing to Covid-19. We need optimal capacity of workers and poor PPE compromises that. We too want to be able to see this through alive and we should not be forced to put our own and our families lives at risk over and above our own control. Please help us to action and sign, thank you so much.