BAN wild animals trading locally and internationally

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As coronavirus has arisen and infected human life, I wanna warn everyone to open their eyes and help make a change. This virus originated in the city of Wuhan, a market zone where live wild animals like snakes, bats, rats, monkeys for eating or else.

I wanna spread awareness and ban wild animals trading locally and internationally. This is exactly what caused the SARS 17 years ago and not only that but also other historical diseases that killed a lot of people and yet these markets in Asia and other countries are doing the same thing, selling wild animals in unhygienic conditions that create diseases with devastating consequences. Hygiene, cleanliness is the first law of health. It causes a global health challenge especially in the developing world even though thus far, hygiene has been barely prioritized on the international development agenda.

People who eat, sell this kind of animals are unaware of what it can do, I mean, this kind of meat can contain deadly pathogens. This new virus, which doesn’t have a vaccine has killed already 82 people with 2,887confirmed cases number which has been increasing and won’t stop there.

Let’s act now and prevent further spreading of this and future epidemic diseases. Let’s work together to stop it and permanently ban the trading of wild animals. If we don’t stop this now, it will happen again.