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Government: Ban Red Bull & Vodka mixed drinks

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A close friend of mine went out Friday, December 28 with his friends, They went into the city to a few bars to just hang out and have a good time. Around 3am his mother texted him just to check up and make sure everything was okay. He responded quickly saying he was fine and would  be home soon. Around 330, there were cops banging on his moms door saying that her son was in cardiac arrest and they had to rush to Jamaica hospital. She did not understand what could happen in a half hour. At the bar, her son was drinking vodka redbulls. At the hospital, the doctors said that his blood alcohol level was almost normal. He was not drunk. He did not have drugs in his system. The doctors stated that the combination of the vodka redbulls is what put him into cardiac arrest. Visiting him and keeping in touch with his family, my friend is still in a coma. He spent New Year's Eve and day in the hospital, along with his 24th birthday. He had to receive a tracheotomy d was just diagnosed with pneumonia. We are waiting for his body to become strong enough so he could be transferred to another hospital so he could start rehab.   I looked up more information about this and I have seen incidents like this have happened a lot. Also ABC Channel 7 World News with Diane Sawyer on January 16 talked about vodka redbulls. According to Sawyer's episode, in 2007 the amount of ER visits related to energy drinks was around 10,000. In 2011, this number increased to 20,000+ people. Drinking these energy drinks are a rising public health problem. Out of those 20,000+ people, 42% have mixed the energy drinks with adderall, ritalin, or alcohol as in my friends case. Drinking these energy drinks increases heart rate and blood pressure. These energy drinks have other substances in them that which are unregulated and adds to the caffeine and stimulate of the drinks.   I am going to paste a few links that are related so you could check them out:   I hope my story and the stories I posted in this e-mail help back me up. In the end I would like do do anything possible to help my friend and other families from going through something like this. These drinks should either be banned or made with different ingredients so that death is not an issue and loved ones aren't dying.

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