Ban bird deterrent netting on buildings

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Remove all bird deterrent netting from buildings.

We are calling on the government and local councils to introduce a ban on the use of bird deterrent netting on all buildings.

The inhumane practice of netting sees thousands of birds and other animals caught each year. The netting is mainly meant to deter pigeons and gulls. However, these birds can often be seen sitting on the netting showing it clearly doesn’t deter them. The netting acts as a trap for birds and as it deteriorates over time it becomes even more hazardous.

Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, Section 4 (1) it is illegal to cause unnecessary suffering

(1) A person commits an offence if:

(a) an act of his, or a failure of his to act, causes an animal to suffer,

(b) he knew, or ought reasonably to have known, that the act, or failure to act, would have that effect or be likely to do so,

(c) the animal is a protected animal, and

(d) the suffering is unnecessary.

We believe to not remove this netting NOW will contravene this Act and will cause further unnecessary suffering to these birds

People will often risk putting their own lives in danger to rescue these creatures as it is too distressing to stand by and see an animal dying a slow and painful death. 

Recently, in my home city of Exeter I received a call alerting me to a herring gull caught in netting on an empty building in the High street. It was hopelessly struggling to break free and had been there for hours. People were running around desperate to free the bird. After making an emergency call the fire engines arrived and the gull was cut free from the netting amidst cheers and clapping from the public.

Once we'd taken him to safety he managed a few sips of water. We could see that one leg had been dislocated from its socket. Both legs were bleeding and facing backwards where he had hung suspended for so many hours. He died within the hour. I felt anger and absolute sadness at the torture and cruel ending of this innocent life. Gulls mate for life and it would certainly have left a lifelong partner and possibly young chicks too. 

This is happening up and down the country and we urge you to help put a stop to this barbaric and inhumane practice.

Please help our precious wildlife to be safe by signing our petition.