Petition to have a Regular Clean-up Drive of Water Hyacinths in The Province of Rizal

Petition to have a Regular Clean-up Drive of Water Hyacinths in The Province of Rizal

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Charles Pido started this petition to Governer Rebecca A. Ynares and


    Whereas the water hyacinths in local rivers and lakes in the Province of Rizal are growing drastically in population. Water hyacinth is beneficial for its many uses such as animal feed, treatment, filtration, handcrafts, and etc. However, it is considered as invasive species because it causes imbalance in aquatic micro-ecosystem, affecting not only the residents but also the complex environment in Province of Rizal. One of the main hazardous natural occurence is flood and water hyacinths causes poor water distribution; it clogs the flow of water in rivers and canals. Subsequently, the area is prone to flood. Aside from this, we can use our expanded knowledge to solve this problem moreover to make this clean-up drive beneficial and for the safety of the residents living in areas affected by these effects. 


     The aquatic plant stretches about 2 kilometers from the shoreline, have isolated communities. In 2017, It has affected 14 Cardona villages particularly more than 8,000 local fishermen had been affected by water hyacinths clogging; and the overpopulation of these depletes the number of fishes. One reason why many residents stopped fishing. The town is declared under the state of calamity.  


     The government cannot solve this problem without the help of residents and LGU's. The consequences if no one regulates to remove water hyacinths are:

  • Unequal water distribution due to clogged waterways result to flooding in low-lying areas.
  • The mats of water hyacinths are covering the surface of water, depleting oxygen amount leading to a fish kill.
  • Increased travel time of boats, spending an entire day travelling instead of hours.
  • Reduces fishing opportunities.
  • Triggers mosquito menace.
  • Restricting recreational use of waterways.

Philosophical View

     This petition focuses on a philosophical view about social ecology. Humans and the environment are entities that interact with one another. The behavior of each are interdependent and adapt to changes overtime. If there are complications in the environment, therefore the society must implement changes in social and ecological environment because both entities benefit from one another. With one complication, both are affected. Fish kill affects the occupation of some residents. Clogged waterways results the area prone to flood. Both have to adapt and interact with a new behavior in implementations to a new environment again. 


     The merits or benefits if this petition is applied are:

  • Proper water-flow distribution in rivers and canals.
  • Reducing the risk of flood.
  • The collected water hyacinths can be used as handcrafts such as hand bag, basket, mat, and etc.
  • Decreasing the risk of dengue outbreak.
  • More opportunities for fishermen to fish.
  • The dry water hyacinths can be used as a fuel.


     The government of Rizal together with other local government units and with the help of residents will propose a clean-up drive; it is scheduled every end of the month. We will collect and remove excess water hyacinths in local rivers, lakes, and canals. The collected water hyacinths will be delivered to supporting manufacturers for production of handcrafts and furniture. Larger collection of water hyacinths results to more job opportunities in Province of Rizal.


    With cooperation of everyone, we can solve the growing population of water hyacinths. With this, we produce useful products and earn income by participating such projects.

     Aside from the adaptation of humans in modern technology, non-humans also adapt in these changes. Let's all continue to make implementations that is beneficial and don't have harmful effects with both entities. These problems can be solved and multiply its benefits. With the common sense that humans can always have an alternative ways for survival, but the dependent parts of the environment can't. We form a complex whole but the action must start from us. Development must be beneficial for eveyone of us. If we can make ways, solution is always there to take place.

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