Grandfather clause for tobacco products

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No Grandfather clause for people over 18 for the use of tobacco products.  The people that have been using tobacco products for a year or two and have had it taken away without voicing their opinion.  Including a grandfather clause to this bill would not only be within reason for economical purposes, but fair considering the amount of people that went without a say in this decision.  A grandfather clause would make this bill exempt to any persons already above the age of eighteen when this bill was enacted.  Not only would the addition of this clause create a positive economical impact, but it would also limit the excessive backlash from those who were unjustifiably affected by the snap decision to pull the carpet out from underneath them.  While this bill will help to limit minors in obtaining tobacco and nicotine products, it seems unnecessary to punish those who have acted legally and within the parameters of the previous laws.  This law can do a lot of good, but it is incomplete.  It doesn't cover every base and if left as is, has the potential to cause unnecessary strain that would outweigh the benefits.