Pakistan Medical Students Reject National License Examination (N.L.E)

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Recently President of Pakistan signed a presidential ordinance and overnight existing body of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) has been dismentled. In the meantime new organization emerged namely Pakistan Medical Council (PMC), which will be regulating the health system in country. It should be noted that the same ordinance was rejected by the upper house of Parliament (Senate) of Pakistan in past.

After this ordinance every student graduating from any college across Pakistan, will have to pass a National Licensing Exam (NLE) to legally practice medicine in country. Despite of passing all his/her Professional exams conducted by respective University.  Moreover there is no any proper pay structure, lack of facilities and security in health system of Pakistan. If they want to change the health structure of country, they should not only force multiple exams on medicos. But the Govt must improve the pay structure, provide adequate facilities and security in health setup so that our hardwork and dedication can be payed off. 

This nondemocratic move of President is unacceptable and condemnble.  We (Pakistani Medical Students) reject this ordinance and request the authorities to reconsider their move. Moreover we apeal to the head of ruling party Prime minister Imran khan to intervene in this matter and end the anxiety created by this presedential ordinance among medicos.