Ban Glue Traps, Stop the Cruelty

Ban Glue Traps, Stop the Cruelty

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How do we allow this cruelty to take place? Mice and rats are small mammals and they don't deserve to be tortured and killed this way.

They don't deserve to be left glued on a surface, being unable to fight for their lives, dehydrate, suffer and die. Mice and rats can experience extreme stress levels. They can experience a range of feelings and humans should respect that. 

We can't go on selling glue traps. We can't keep doing that to these animals.

""Small mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians that fall victim to these products invariably suffer terrible distress and often painful deaths," he says. "And an animal's efforts to free itself typically causes them to become further adhered."

Dr. Watson points out that humane alternatives are available, adding that, "glue traps represent a cruel and archaic approach to rodent control and have no place in a progressive society concerned with animal welfare.""

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334 have signed. Let’s get to 500!