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Postpone Proposed Wolf Hunts in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming

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Please boycott buying beef and spending tourism dollars in these states until the proposed wolf hunts are postponed and until reasonable Wolf Recovery and Management plans are implemented.

Due to the recent budget rider that historically allowed Congress to federally delist the Gray Wolf from the Endangered Species Act; these states have chose to adopt Wolf Management plans that will severely reduce wolf populations. Wyoming has proposed a hunting season that sets no limits on the number of wolves that can be killed. Montana has set a limit of 220, and in Idaho the management plan will allow only 150 wolves to be left alive. In addition Idaho is allowing baiting, trapping and calling. At this time, wolf advocates have been unable to obtain an injunction to stop these hunts while their organizations are challenging the constitutionality of the recent Rocky Mountain delisting. When the laws, politicians and special interest groups fail to protect our wildlife, it is time for responsible, level headed citizens to make a stand and protect these animals. Scientific evidence and moral appeal to Ranchers, Hunters, Politicians and special interest groups has failed to make an impact on their goal to severely reduce the wolf population to unhealthy levels. Therefore, it is time to make an impression in the only area that appears to affect these groups. Making money. Please ban all ranch livestock products (including beef) and tourism in these states until reasonable wolf management plans are adopted and these hunts and kill limits are revised. It is time to stop sacrificing this animal in the name of money and public land issues. The wolf is only a pawn in the games that politicians and special interest groups play with ranchers in order to make personal and political gains. Wolves are responsible for less than 1% of livestock depredation across the United States. Fewer animals are lost to wolves than are lost to domestic pets and dogs. Wolves are a keystone species and Apex predator that are vital to the balance of our ecosystem. Their eradication in the 1930’s led to severe environmental damages throughout their former habitats. An example of the importance of the Wolf is evidenced in the successful reintroduction of the Gray Wolf to Yellowstone National Park in 1995. Prior to that reintroduction, the Elk and ungulate population had grown to extremely high levels. Without their main predator, the wolf, to cull the herds, they stopped moving and migrating and ate vegetation to the point decimation. Other habitats including smaller animals and birds were not able to thrive in this environment and began dying off. Watersheds, streams and rivers were affected by the land degradation this caused. The coyote population increased exponentially. Within 5 years of reintroducing the wolf, the restoration of balance in the eco-system began. We need wolves to fulfill their purpose in our environment. Without them, a domino effect that man cannot control takes place. To support our wilderness legacy for generations to come, we must protect our wolves now! To learn more about wolves and how you can effectively boycott these products, please visit Project Alpha Wolf on Face Book. Join the pack, make difference.

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