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Grant Clemency to David Dark Horse Croft

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The family, friends and supporters of David Dark Horse Croft ask Governor Rick Scott of Florida to grant clemency to David, who in 1983 was coerced into pleading guilty to first degree murder of Penny Faulkner. At the time, David was 17 years old and had no criminal record, not even a speeding ticket.   

He was working at a fast food restaurant and mowing lawns to help support his mother and two sisters, while preparing to join the military when he turned 18. Unfortunately, he was also struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol. 

David is now 47 years old and entering his 30th year in prison. He has been clean of all drug use for more than 12 years, completed several vocational programs and drug treatment programs. He has served as chairman of Narcotics Anonymous programs at several prisons and worked as a peer facilitator for over a year helping other prisoners overcome their addictions to drugs and alcohol as well.

The state of Florida has a law requiring the Department of Corrections to recommend a "commutation of sentence" (clemency) once a person has spent 10 years without a disciplinary report for those incarcerated before 1986, when the law was changed.

Under this law, David's sentence should be commuted from a life sentence to a number of years sentence and granted time served. 

After serving 30 years in prison, David is no longer the scared 17 year old, drug addict he was in 1983. Today he is a changed man, a deeply spiritual man who practices traditional Native American spirituality (he is of Cherokee ancestry). He is married to his supportive soulmate, Grace, of 6 years.  He is eager to be with his wife and use his life experience and personal transformation to mentor the youth and show them the destructive path of using drugs and hanging with the wrong crowd. 

David would be much more of an asset to society as a FREE MAN if given the chance. 

Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Supporters of David Dark Horse Croft!!!!!

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