Ban Horse Racing in Puerto Rico

Ban Horse Racing in Puerto Rico

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The time has come for horse racing to be banned at Camarero Racetrack in Canovanas, Puerto Rico. Camarero Racetrack has proven to be an unsafe place for horses.

A Money Machine that Runs on Injured and Abused Horses
The racetrack hides a pattern of horses participating in races, that are in no condition to compete, despite having serious injuries that put the lives of horses and jockeys at risk. Euthanasias exceeded 1,400 horses from 2015 to 2020Source Peridisimo Investigativo

The Puerto Rico gaming commission has a long history of failing to protect these horses and has proven they are not worthy of being stewards of horse racing - the sport of kings.

Camarero has quietly operated under the radar, bringing in thousands of US-bred thoroughbreds to race in Puerto Rico; 1200 thoroughbreds race annually, and more than 50% are imported. The subtropical rainforest climate and poor quality local hay make it an inhospitable environment for thoroughbreds.

Owners have been on a buying spree, picking up inexpensive horses from the mainland to bring (usually by cargo ship) to Puerto Rico to race in  $4k claiming races (where purses are paid up to 5th place).

Horses Arrive In Shipping Containers
Owners continue to use this cruel (but cheap) method of transport, and the government refuses to stop it, despite a horrific accident in 2019 when several horses died inside a steel shipping container

In 2021, more than 150 TB’s began their journey to Puerto Rico in a 40-foot steel shipping container. Several stateside racing groups have issued policies banning anyone who is associated with shipping horses in this manner. Meanwhile...The Puerto Rican gaming commission has remained silent.

Insufficient Pre-Race Checks: performed by under-qualified (small animal) veterinarian 3 days before races.
Horses receive a pre-race check from the government-employed veterinarian 3 days before racing.

Horses are regularly allowed to race that are in no condition to race, then euthanized days later -  Read about IKE WALKER here. In August, Motown Man collapsed before a race - and was STILL allowed to race, finished 12th

Horses Racing That Are On Vet’s Lists
Toastnjam is a perfect example. Owned by Establo Quintana (Edwin Mundo)
Raced the horse at Thistledown 5/3/21. The horse came in 9th – chart notes “had speed for half then stopped.” Toastnjam was placed on the vet's list.

Mundo then dumped the filly on a cargo ship and raced her in Puerto Rico. 

Highest Euthanasia Rates of Any Tracks
In 2020 alone, 220 horses were killed by lethal injection. The bodies are dumped in a mass grave on the backside of the racetrack, near a river.

The Industry Isn’t Supporting Safe Retirement for Horses
Where horses go after their racing careers end, is of no concern to the owners or government officials in Puerto Rico. There is one aftercare on the island, they are overburdened, grossly underfunded, and in serious jeopardy of having to close because of lack of funding.

Send a message, tweet or call,  the following people and let them know, that for the safety of the American Thoroughbred, horse racing must be banned in Puerto Rico.

Governor Pierluisi

The Jockey Club

National HBPA

Jenniffer González  - US Representative

Puerto Rico Tourism Company

Financial Oversight & Mgmt Board for Puerto Rico
Twitter: @FOMBPR

Thomas Rivera Schatz
President of the Senate of Puerto Rico
Phone: 787-724-2030

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!