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Help set David Johnson Free

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It happens to often. A small town judge and prosecuter want a big name and they will do what it takes to give them selves one. Even if it means throwing an innocent person in prison for the rest of their lives. We need to end this. What happened to "innocent until proven guilty"? What happened to a fair trial? My little brother David Johnson was sitting in a jail cell for 5 years while Prosecutor Kelly King tried to gather evidence against him. When he was 15 (a child) he went to a party with our older brother Matthew on New Years Eve. At the party a man was killed and another almost lost his life. My older brother Matthew not only committed the crime but he also confessed to it. David Johnson was at the wrong place at the wrong time. All he wanted was to be cool like his older brother and tag along with him for the night. He had no idea the horrible consequences he would have to pay for it. When the murder took place David was outside of the house. One out of the three state witnesses even confirmed this. She stated that a fight broke and Matthew told David to grab the girls and get out of the house. He did what his guardian at the time told him to do and went outside. He had no idea what was going on inside. He wasn't aware that something so horrible was happening. David is such a kind person. At the time... He was a kid. He was ordered by our older brother to get into a car (still having no knowledge of what happened). All he knew is that he was terrified and he thought he was doing a good thing by listening to Matthew. A short time after driving down the road and after getting some of the story on what took place inside the home.. They were pulled over by the police. My older brother Matthew confessed to the murder, another man that was with them tried to escape, David and the other minors were charged with being out passed curfew. Years went by and David did everything he could to put this behind him. Two years later (David was now 17) the police came to our home and busted our door down. David was thrown to the ground and told that if he moved at all that the police dogs would bite his throat out. The police made me (his sister) and my two small children stand out in the freezing cold with no shoes. Snow on the ground. Come to find out...The second person who assisted our older brother in committing the murder was given a deal by the prosecutor. If he corporates and gives more information about the night.. That he would receive a lesser sentence. So, this man told a lie. He said that David Johnson was the "other" person that took place in the stabbing. HOWEVER.. During David's trial he stated that he had no idea where David was when the two victims were being stabbed. Matthew Marshall was in the room at the time of the murder and assisted with the stabbings but claims he never seen David. Matthew Marshall was a states witness. He is the person that is responsible for David's arrest because of his false accusations.

Now.. Go back two years when the crime took place. There were over 30 people at the party. All of those people were friends with the victim. And NONE OF THEM mentioned David. None of them said David had anything to do with what happened and the person that made the 911 call stated there were TWO men! Never mentioned a 3rd suspect. The home was a bloody crime scene. The pictures we all had to look at in trial were sickening and absolutely heart breaking. Matthew Johnson and Matthew Marshall (the two men that plead guilty) had blood all over them. David didn't have one speck of blood on him any where.

He was arrested December 22, 2010. After sitting in a jail cell for over 5 years the case finally went to trial and was tried in front of a jury. The prosecuting attorney made up lies about David. David's defense attorneys were shot down by the judge over and over for trying to defend David's case.


We have grounds for an appeal and re trial. But, if they can find David guilty and sentence David to 25 years in prison despite the lack of evidence and witness testimony's proving that David's innocence is in fact true..

Then, why would they accept his motion for appeal?

He is 22. Gray hair. Just received his graduation certificate to become a pastor and share the gospel. He wants nothing more than to come home and pick up where he left off. If you believe David's case should be looked into and he deserves a fair trial.. then please sign this petition. David is innocent and we need to end the wrongful convictions.

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