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Restore Due Process Rights for Public Teachers

Sen. Arpke's (R-Salina) amendment to Eliminate Due Process Rights for Teachers narrowly passed both Chambers of the Kansas Legislature. The legislation was pushed through in the late hours of the night without adequate debate and absolutely no testimony from Teachers, School Boards, Parents, or Students. This policy amendment should have never been allowed to be attached to a bill that was to deal only with funding public education. It is a violation of the basic rules of the legislature and a break from the democratic process.  #KSLeg #WarOnTeachers

Due Process rights are a factor in recruiting Great Teachers to Kansas. This will make it harder.

Clearly, due process is a factor in a teacher’s decision to remain teaching. After the 3 to 5 year probationary period, due process creates a basic level of job security and stability in the teaching profession. This fundamental right serves as an incentive to retain and recruit excellent educators.

"In the 1977 session of the Kansas Legislature, I researched hundreds of instances in which school boards and/or superintendents arbitrarily and without cause terminated experienced and dedicated teachers in Ks public schools. Usually the real reason was never publicly revealed because the teacher had given their kid an honest grade or because the board needed to save money by replacing experienced teachers with rookies or because someone complained about the appearance, political stance or other personal quality about the teacher. As Chair of House Education Committee I authored a bill and asked the entire committee to sponsor to protect Due Process Rights. Working closely with Reps on both sides of the aisle we were able to shepherd the bill through both House and Senate. Folks present will never forget the tragic, heartbreaking, ridiculous stories personally given by teachers to the unfair, undemocratic and scandalous ways they had been treated.

So sad that this job protection is now apparently about to be eliminated by those who have been duped. TEACHERS IN KANSAS WILL AGAIN HAVE TO STAND UP FOR PROTECTION FROM THIS COALITION AND FIGHT BACK TO RETAIN THIS DUE PROCESS PROTECTION! No school board member or administrator worth their salt should have to be fondled with this type of arbitrary dictatorial and unchecked power and authority. WAKE UP KANSAS AND PROTECT THOSE WHO ARE TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN FROM UNBRIDLED VENDETTA-BASED ARBITRARY TEACHING CONTRACT DECISIONS!" - Former Rep. Roger Robertson (1976 Chair of Kansas House Education Committee )

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