Manatee "Downlisted" from Endangered

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Massive efforts from developers and boating interests have resulted in the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) "downlisting" the endearing and fragile mammal, bringing it down from "endangered" to "threatened." 

This means the slow-moving sea cow will not enjoy the higher level of protection that the "endangered" tag confers. 

What's the difference?

"Endangered" species are at the brink of extinction now. 

"Threatened" species are likely to be at the brink in the near future.

There are just a few thousand of these delicate creatures left, so there is NO REASON to reduce the level of protection. More manatees are already dying as a result of this reclassification.


804 manatees were killed in Florida in 2018, the highest level since 2013 when 840 died. 118 manatees were killed by boaters in 2018. So the deaths have increased since the changed designation. 

Combine the boating strikes with red tide and toxic algae blooms and you have a recipe for disaster. and all of this carnage is MAN-MADE.

The figures FWS cite are possibly in error and DO NOT reflect additional threats to the sea cow’s current situation—namely, the toxic algae bloom prominent in waters where the manatee nest and live. A toxic bloom is caused when officials release contaminated water from Lake Okeechobee into rivers that pour into the Indian River Estuary, polluting it and killing manatees and dozens of other species.


New regulations would reduce the “No Wake” areas on the waterways to protect the animals.