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Gov. of Colorado and Mayor of Denver: Stop the Occupy Denver Arrests


The #occupyeverywhere protests have attracted thousands of supporters in Denver, Colorado but Governor Hickenlooper has indefinitely closed the park where the action takes place. People have been arrested for participating in the strategy of occupation and the modest infrastructure built on community donations was destroyed by the police. We do not support the arrests and we will not support John Hickenlooper or Denver Mayor Michael Hancock if the arrests continue. If the people's strategy is occupation, their First Amendment rights should be honored, they should have a safe space to demonstrate, and an injunction against the no camping law should be installed.

Letter to
Mayor of Denver Michael Hancock
Governor of Colorado John W. Hickenlooper
I will not support you until you call off the arrests, apologize for the destruction of the protest's infrastructure, reopen Lincoln Park for the demonstration, and more appropriately support the demonstrator's First Amendment rights by creating a safe space to demonstrate.

The whole world is watching.


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