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Please stop bear baying and make it illegal

Follow this link to read the article in the Huffington Post and watch the video: South Carolina is the only state that allows the mercellous repeated attack on bears made defenseless by removing or filing down their teeth and claws. The bears are targets of endless attacks by teams of trained dogs that attack the bears over and over again, for the sport and pleasure of sick individuals who tout it as training for hunting dogs. These bears always live in constant fear of when they will be attacked again, they rarely, if ever, receive treatment for their wounds. When these events are over, the bears are stored in small cages until needed again. They are made to "cooperate" by the pain of being pulled by rings perced through their lips or noses, and are steaked to the ground by them so they cannot escape the dog attacks. They don't understand why, they have no hope of a better life free of fear, pain, and suffering without our action. We can do something together and free these poor animals from a practice that was ended back in 1856 throughout most of the United States. Why is it still allowed to continue in South Carolina?! We need to bring this into public view and cast the light upon those allowing it to go on and provide a better life for these bears. PLEASE, PLEASE tell your friends and invite them to sign this petition, and their friends as well....the more signatures this receives the more powerful it becomes, and every signature is important!

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