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HELP Make Movable Tiny Houses Legal in Oregon!

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A recent drastic change to the building codes of Oregon has terminated the state’s acceptance of towable (aka - moveable) tiny homes.
Unfortunately, this change is part of a long-time effort by Oregon’s Department of Consumer & Business Services’ Building Codes Division (aka - BCD) to block moveable (aka – towable) tiny houses in the state. BCD’s actions include:
~ Removing “tiny homes on wheels” from the RV building codes.
~ Not providing any legal path to builders for towable tiny houses.
As a result of BCD’s action…
~ Oregon’s Department of Motor Vehicles is no longer issuing registrations and/or titles for towable tiny homes.
~ Existing towable TH dwellers in Oregon cannot legally tow their homes.
~ Financing and insurance is not available to customers desiring to build a towable TH.
~ Oregon’s burgeoning TH building industry is at risk: many builders are considering leaving the state thus, impacting Oregon’s economy.
Note: Many of Oregon’s TH builders have invested heavily to obtain RV Certification so that they can build TH’s legally as per RVIA codes. In addition, many of these builders are licensed contractors in Oregon.
~ A potential solution for Oregon’s affordable housing crisis has been eliminated
Who are we?
The United Tiny House Association (UTHA) is a national Tiny House support/advocacy organization, recognized throughout the world for its for-charity support efforts, while at the same time striving to bring the tiny house community together, united in supporting existing/future tiny house dwellers.
We believe:
~ The tiny house community supporting each other and ALL those who desire to live tiny, as well as those either already living tiny, or who support the tiny house movement with their businesses and personal efforts are paramount for the success of the tiny lifestyle movement.
~ EVERYONE should have the opportunity to legally live tiny.
We recognize there is a threat to the tiny house movement by certain municipalities and states that do not yet embrace the economic, social, and housing benefits of tiny homes. Oregon is one of those states.
Advocacy in Oregon:
American Tiny House Association (ATHA) State Chapter Leaders, Lori Slaughter and Dr. Sarah Stebbins, Tiny House builders and Tiny House owners, have been on the front lines, fighting for legal paths to build and site tiny homes around the state.  They have worked tirelessly to advocate for and educate citizens on the financial, housing and social benefits of tiny houses in Oregon.
What can we do together?
It will take a high degree of collaboration in the state and nationally, with:
~ TH builders/manufacturers
~ Consumers
~ Current tiny home owners
~ Those who support of affordable and high- quality housing.
In the spirit of collaboration, here is what we can do:
~ Reach out, contact, and share your opinions and testimonies with those in Oregon who have the power to make changes. (Please feel free to contact UTHA’s office or ATHA State Chapter Leader Lori Slaughter at for a list of individuals and email addresses.)
~ Sign this petition, which will be shared with those within state government who have the power to make positive changes for the future of towable (aka – moveable) tiny houses in Oregon.
NOTE: This petition will also be at the 3rd Annual Georgia Tiny House Festival.
By signing this petition, you are making it known to the members of the Residential Manufactured Structures Board and Directors of the Department of Consumer & Business Services (aka - DCBS) and the staff of the Building & Codes Division [BCD] that you want:
~ A temporary reversal of Oregon's RV building codes prohibiting towable (aka – moveable) tiny houses.
~ A permanent and long-term solution for the legal right of building towable (aka – moveable) tiny houses/homes in the State of Oregon.

In closing, we believe that by working together, great things can be accomplished in the Oregon and beyond!
John Kernohan, Chairman
United Tiny House Association (UTHA)
Telephone: 706-623-4332
Web Site:
Lori Slaughter, Oregon State Chapter Leader
American Tiny House Association (ATHA)
Telephone: 310-926-3841
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