We understand that there are laws and rules but there should always exceptions as every situation in life and government do not always fall into a category. 


Please return Rebekah to the only family she has ever known.

Letter to
Governor of Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam
Region 1 Office Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
Region 2 Office Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
and 2 others
Region 3 Office Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
Region 4 Office Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
Governor Bill Haslam, Please return Rebekah to Mark "Coonrippy" Brown and give back into his custody the three month old raccoon, now being held at Waldens Puddle. He has been raising Rebekah in his home for the past two months. It is in the best interest of the animal to be in her home with this family who has diligently and with great expertise nurtured, loved and kept safe. Young Rebekah isn't the first raccoon Coonrippy has saved and he is skilled in caring for animals.
His home sits in a large wooded area and he has 13 acres of this property. It would be in the best interests of the raccoon to be returned to the only home she has known. She has already suffered the loss of her mother, who was killed by students in one of your schools under the suggestion of the teacher.
Mark "Coonrippy" Brown was called as asked if he would take the infant raccoon Rebekah and save her life. Coonrippy retrieved the infant animal and nurtured her for two months.
This raccoon has formed a bond with the family and to keep her at Waldens Puddle is cruel.
Please return Rebecca to this family, it is crucial she continues to have the companionship of those who have loved and cared for her.
We hope you will seriously consider our request and let Rebekah return to the Mark "Coonrippy" Brown home and family.
We thank you.