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Gov. Christie, NJ Legislators, NJ Board of Massage & Bodywork Therapy: Exempt Light-touch & Energy Practitioners from Massage & Bodywork Licensure

Since the enactment of P.L.2007,c. 337, the "Massage and Bodywork Therapist Act", effective September 4, 2012, there have been efforts to include Energy and Light-touch modalities in the definition of Massage and Bodywork. However, Energy and Light-touch modalities do not, as stated in NJAC 13.37A-1.2, manipulate soft-tissue. This is a misunderstanding of the principles and application of Energy and Light-touch modalities. Therefore, we petition that all Energy and Light-touch practitioners be exempt from the Massage and Bodywork Therapy Licensing Act, Statutes and Regulations.

If Energy and Light-touch modalities are not exempt, the consequences are detrimental to the well-being of NJ residents in the following ways; 1) Loss of jobs for practitioners and small-businesses (which is in direct opposition to New Jersey's small business and job-creation initiatives), 2) depriving the public from access to much-needed services (these therapies are currently offered by independent practitioners and in NJ hospitals to relieve patient stress, decrease pain and recovery times), and 3) depriving people from therapies and education that support healthy lifestyles for NJ residents.

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    Laura Anderson

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