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Gov. Brown: Take California out of the S-Comm Program. No More Arizonas.

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New York, Illinois, and Massachsetts have all ended the dangerous "Secure Communities" program.   Arizona, Alabama, and Georgia are all headed in the other direction.

What will California do?

On Friday, Los Angeles lawmakers weighed in.  "There's a train wreck looming." said Congressman Xavier Becerra on the steps of Los Angeles City Hall.  He continued, "ICE's so-called Secure Communities program translates into less security, not more."  Congresswoman Judy Chu agreed, concluding,  "I sincerely hope we suspend our state's participation in the program."  

Why is S-Comm a problem? Well, imagine having to choose between getting deported or getting beaten by your spouse. Imagine Congress allotting funds for a program that takes Arizona's failed policies nationwide.  Imagine a neighborhood where people don't call the police when something goes wrong because s-comm's turned the police into a net for deportation.

For Magaly Dominguez, it doesn't take imagination.  The Los Angeles hot dog vendor is constantly reminded of S-comm by the ankle bracelet that's been on her leg since she was arrested for selling streetside hot dogs.

When every day, innocent people in California are hurt by the S-Comm deportation program that entangles local law enforcement in federal immigration issues all our safety is threatened. In light of these major flaws, Illinois, New York, and Massachusetts have all decided to quit S-Comm.

That's why seven Southern California Congressmen sent a strong message to Governor Jerry Brown, asking him to take California out of the failed program.

"The fact there are so many unanswered questions is the reason why we need an inspector general report." said Congresswoman Roybal-Allard.

Now is the time to pull California out of the so-called "Secure Communities" program before our communities get put further at risk. As other states lead the way to turn the tide on the program, its time for California to join the right side of history.  

Sign the petition to join California Representatives in calling on California governor, Jerry Brown, to take California out of S-Comm immediately.


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