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Petitioning Governor of Arkansas Mike Beebe

Gov. Beebe: Demand Special Prosecutor Jack McQuary to properly charge Christopher Reynolds w/ 1st degree murder in Ernest Hoskins Jr.’s death.


Ernest Hoskins Jr., a 21 year old Black male was brutally shot and killed during a staff meeting at the home of his boss, Christopher Reynolds, a 34 year old White male on November 9, 2012. According to a statement from an eyewitness, Hoskins made a remark to his boss, which angered him to the point where he got up and retrieved a gun. When Reynolds returned he pointed the weapon in Hoskins face and pulled the trigger. When the gun did not discharge, Reynolds cocked the gun back and discharged the weapon again; this time fatally wounding Hoskins. Hoskins leaves behind a 24-year old pregnant widow, a daughter, a loving mother and two little sisters. They have lost the only man in their immediate family. The Hoskins family is now dealing with the fact that his killer charges have been downgraded from murder to manslaughter by the special prosecutors, suggesting that Reynolds actions were accidental. This means Reynolds could be out of jail in as little time as three years. Join us in demanding justice for the family of Ernest Hoskins Jr.


Letter to
Governor of Arkansas Mike Beebe
I add my name in growing support of those who demand justice for the family of Ernest Hoskins Jr. I demand Special Prosecutor Jack McQuary to properly charge Christopher Reynolds with 1st Degree Murder in the shooting death of Ernest Hoskins Jr., an innocent victim of his employers resort to violence. Manslaughter is not the appropriate charge in this circumstance because we know from eyewitness reports that Reynolds actions were willful, deliberate and premeditated. We ask the State of Arkansas to not turn a blind eye to justice, and to properly allow Mr. Reynolds his day in court facing the appropriate charge(s).

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