Return Money Scammed by the Manhattan Club Timeshare

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The Manhattan Club Timeshare (TMC) is a New York City scam. The Manhattan Club (TMC) defrauds thousands of consumers every year.

The Manhattan Club (TMC) uses misleading and false advertising and sales presentations to sell worthless timeshares in a 286 room property.  TMC has 18,669+ "owners." (TMC) refuses to tell how many actual “owners” they have.

The Manhattan Club is oversold but continues to sell timeshares via the internet, mailed brochures, telemarketing and street kiosks in several US cities. 

The Manhattan Club uses the US mail and the internet to defraud the public and sell  worthless timeshares. Manhattan Club timeshares sold on eBay for $1. 

The Manhattan Club is the subject of hundreds of complaints over many years filed with the Better Business Bureau and The N.Y. Attorney General's Office.

The Manhattan Club charges "owners" exorbitant maintenance fees for rooms “owners” are not able to book. “Owners” must try to book rooms nine months to a year in advance paying $300 a night or more. The public can stay at the Manhattan Club with 24 hours notice and pay $200 a night or less.

The Manhattan Club threatens "owners" with legal action and referral to collection agencies if “owners” do not pay the exorbitant yearly maintenance fees to the Manhattan Club for rooms that are not available.

Hundreds of Manhattan Club “Owners”are giving time shares for which they paid thousands of dollars for back to the Manhattan Club for free.  One owner paid $84,000 for a timeshare at the Manhattan Club.  He sold the same timeshare back to The Manhattan Club for $2.

A class action lawsuit has been filed by New York State "owners" against the Manhattan Club Timeshare Scam in the New York Court.

Several print newspaper articles and articles on have been written about The Manhattan Club Timeshare Scam.

The Manhattan Club hires people to "post" positive reviews about TMC.

The New York Attorney General's Office of Eric Schneiderman refuses to take legal action to protect consumers and stop The Manhattan Club Timeshare Scam.

The Manhattan Club owns their “owners”.  You do not own at the Manhattan Club.  TMC owns you. You have to pay high maintenance fees for life with no guarantee you will be able to book a room.

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