Gov. Abbott, Establish Arcade Opening Guidelines in Texas - DON’T DONATE TO THIS PETITION

Gov. Abbott, Establish Arcade Opening Guidelines in Texas - DON’T DONATE TO THIS PETITION

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As he continues to reopen Texas, Governor Greg Abbott has moved forward with his second phase of reopening. Among others, this phase establishes guidelines for the immediate reopening of Gyms, Bars, Bowling Alleys, Bingo Halls, and Skating Rinks. But there is one type of business that is still strictly forbidden from opening: Arcades. 

The list of Phase 2 protocols specifies Video Arcades as needing to remain closed. It also specifies that any components of currently-open businesses (like restaurants or bars) that have interactive functions or exhibits, such as video arcades, need to remain powered off and unavailable for use.

These protocols seem to be put in place to limit the spread of COVID-19 through surface transmission. While there was a lot of reporting about the surface transmission of COVID-19 early on, the WHO continues to report zero conclusive cases transmitted through touch. Regardless of that fact, it's difficult to imagine how Arcades, when given a list of strict safety protocols to adhere to, could possibly be more of a risk in regards to surface transmission than Bowling Alleys, Gyms, and Skating Rinks. All of those businesses are currently allowed to operate in Texas.

We aren't just asking for Governor Abbott to establish the legal opening of Arcades in Texas. We're simply asking for him to announce guidance and a strategy for their reopening. He has given us no time table and no guidance - he's simply told us that Arcades need to remain closed indefinitely. With the modern boom of "barcades" in Texas and the massive communities that they cultivate, we're not just at risk of losing these businesses and the employment that they provide: we're at risk of losing a very large community of people with a passion for these establishments. 

Governor Abbott, we ask you to immediately establish a plan for reopening Arcades. Please provide a transparent list of guidelines and a schedule for when these businesses may reopen as soon as possible.