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Educate yourself on, and advocate for, third party politics   :)




This July, Keep the Heat on Bill Maher   :)




We need your help to keep the heat on Bill Maher.  Call (323) 575-2345 and ask for the production office of Real Time with Bill Maher.  Or you can email HBO producers here

Ask them to have Green Party representatives on the show and to read the party's open letter

to Bill Maher.

The Green Party sent an open letter to Bill Maher after a June 19 broadcast of Real Time in which Mr. Maher said "[W]hat we need is an actual progressive party to represent the millions of Americans who aren't being served by the Democrats. Because, bottom line, Democrats are the new Republicans."

The Green Party's reply to Mr. Maher: "Hey, Bill, we're over here! What you described is the GREEN PARTY! We already exist!"

Bill Maher, former host of Politically Incorrect and current host of HBO's Real Time, asked "Shouldn't there be one party that unambiguously supports cutting the military budget, a party that is straight up in favor of gun control, gay marriage, higher taxes on the rich, universal health care - legalizing pot - and steep, direct taxing of polluters? These aren't radical ideas. A majority of Americans are either already for them or would be if they were properly argued and defended."

Sound like any party you know?

Real Time with Bill Maher will be back with new episodes later this month, and we want to see Green Party representatives on it.  We need more television personalities willing to ask if Americans are getting the change they voted for last November, and we deserve someone willing to let a true opposition air their views.

So all we need is a few minutes of your time to call (323) 575-2345 and tell Bill Maher that you want to see the Green Party on the air!  Or you can email HBO producers and tell them that you want to see the Green Party on Real Time by

clicking here.



500 Days to Mid-Term Elections   :)

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The 2010 elections offer an unprecedented opportunity for the Green Party.  In the 2010 election cycle we will have the chance to get the Green message out and to hold the corporate parties accountable.  Now more than ever our country needs an alternative that will fight for a Single Payer system, to bring ALL of our troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq, to take serious action on global warming, to bail out Americans who are suffering from the worst recession in nearly three decades, and to create a banking system that works for all of us and not just Wall Street.

The Democratically-controlled Congress has failed us on all these counts. Next year the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate is up for election.  In addition, 37 states will be electing Governors.  Seats for other statewide officials will be up for election.  These elections provide the Green Party with many opportunities to win and maintain ballot lines.  The more ballot lines we win in 2010, the more opportunities citizens will have to vote for a sustainable and just future and the stronger we will be when we go into the 2012 elections. 

In 2006, in spite of being badly outspent by his Democratic and Republican challengers, and a frivolous Democratic Party challenge to Green Party nomination signatures, Rich Whitney ran a strong race for Governor of Illinois.  He won 10% of the vote - twice what was needed to secure the Illinois Green Party ballot line.  This success enabled the Illinois Greens to hold their first Presidential primary and guaranteed a spot on the ballot for Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente.  Winning a ballot line also allowed Illinois Greens to run a record 60 candidates in 2008. 

Jill Stein got 18% in a two-way race for Secretary of State in Massachusetts; her campaign won the Green Rainbow Party of Massachusetts a Presidential primary and put Cynthia and Rosa on the ballot in 2008. Craig Bergland's campaign for Governor won back our ballot line in Nevada and gave us another state we didn't have to petition in last year.

Last year, your donations were vital in getting Cynthia and Rosa on the ballot in Arizona and Virginia - two states where voters did not have the opportunity to vote Green in 2004! Your support also won ballot access for the Arkansas Greens, who were the ONLY opposition to House and Senate incumbents in 2008.

With your help, we can win ballot access across America.  Your donations will help put Green candidates on national, state, and local ballots. Help us meet the ballot challenges in 2010:  43,000 signatures in Texas, 15,000 signatures in New York, 10,000 signatures in Missouri.  Although volunteers are instrumental, paid petitioners will also be needed.  Each  dollar you give can help get us one signature closer to ballot access.

With your help, we can build stronger state parties, recruit more candidates to run as Greens, get ballot access, and provide the American people with a choice for a sustainable and just future.   Please give generously today

The Green Party takes no money from real estate companies, investment firms, or insurance companies. In fact, we don't take any corporate money because we think corporate money in politics is wrong. If you agree, please help us today with your donation.  If you can only afford a little each month, you can become a monthly sustainer so your donation can be spread over time.


Office: PO Box 57065 Washington, D.C. 20037 202-319-7191 or toll-free (US): 866-41GREEN

We are not the alternative - we are the imperative. Rosa Clemente

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