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Good day to you, and thanx for all you do and don't, All.  For all you activists/advocates who want to go the extra mile, here are my pledges and petitions on healthcare, over the last 3 weeks; they all include the following: please advocate for singlepayer healthcare, with CCA, Community Choice Act (for the disabled, etc.); H.R. 676 & S. 703, are the best of the lot, so far; i.m.h.o..   :)


in universal healthcare cause   :)

These actions, on, the urls   :)

Health reform must include singlepayer, with CCA   :)

advocate / singlepayer   :)

hijacking healthcare   :)

reproductive healthcare   :)

Wash, DC, singlepayer rally, 7-30   :)

Call for singlepayer   :)

insure all kids   :)

healthcare rally, 7-30   :)


in autism cause   :)

These actions, on, the urls   :)

Medicares 44th   :)

End bias against disabled   :)

Health reform must include single payer, and CCA for the disabled   :)

Let's hear it for public health option   :)

Single payer health insurance, anybody?   :)

ADAPT Acts   :)

Healthcare-NOW   :)

health reform   :)


in women's cause   :)

These actions, on, the urls   :)

healthcare + reality   :)

women's healthcare   :)


in immigration cause   :)

These actions, on, the urls   :)

Latinos + healthcare   :)


Do as many, or, as few as you like, copy and share as you will; "strike while the iron is hot", Van Gogh    :)

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