Gorillaz on MTV Unplugged

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With the release of "The Now Now", Gorillaz new album, it’s time for MTV to celebrate one of the finest British bands of the 21st century with a one-hour television special.

"We shared a flat in London, and I think we were just sitting watching MTV. We felt that you had to wait a long time before anything decent came along. There would be the odd Spike Jonze video or Hype Williams, and then the rest would be pretty bad. So we got this idea for a cartoon band, something that would be a comment on that."- Jamie Hewlett, Gorillaz Co-creator.

We think the format would be the perfect opportunity for Gorillaz to keep demonstrating their versatility and inventive.

Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill (ACOUSTIC VERSION)

Gorillaz - Rhinestone Eyes (ACOUSTIC VERSION)