Include The 'Odia' Language in Google Translate

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Odia is a notable Indian language, but it is not supported by the Google translate service. 

Odia is one of the 22 official languages recognized by the Government of India, the official language of the state of Odisha and is the second official language of the state of Jharkhand. Odia is the primary language of an estimated 40 million speakers and it  became the sixth language to be conferred the Classical Language status by the Government of India. Odisha is famous all over the world for the Lord Jagannath, Sun temple at Konark, Odissi dance, Sambalpuri saree, Pattachitra and many more which showcase its rich heritage. Despite of all these achievements of Odisha, its language Odia has taken a backseat by Google translator compared to other languages in India. 

One day I got a petition from my friend that was written in English and i was told to translate it into Odia. Once I got the petition, I started searching for the google translator where I was expecting my work to be done. But I was shocked when I did not find the Odia language in the drop up list of the Google  translator. I was struggling a lot while translating from English to Odia. In this information technology era, it is very awkward to face such kind of situations. 

People are taking the whole world of information in their pockets in the form of google, but what is the use of it if we can not get the benefit out of it because of the language barrier. If Odia language was there in the translator, we the Odia people will not just be able to translate important documents in Odia easily, but it will give our language a respectable position and a reach to the people who wuse only Odia langauage.

There is also an open letter written to google by Anwesh Pati. The link of the open letter is mentioned below. The writer had brilliantly put the justification to add the language.

We are requesting google India to add 'Odia' langauge in its google translate site: 

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