We want compensation and a full apology from the Metropolitan police for Dale Semper

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Dale Semper was a high flying Bank Manager arrested for firearms possession.  They found no firearms on him, no firearms at his home, no firearms at his mother's home or his partners home.  As they did not find firearms they asked how could a black man afford the things in his house, the nice car and as they said, living above his means.  They then after finding £2000 in his safe, changed the charges to money laundering.  And having made the assertion that his assets were acquired by crime, human trafficking, money laundering.  He had no previous convictions, wonderful character, totally innocent and has found that his career has been totally ruined due to this 26-month ordeal. The question I ask is, would this have happened if it had been a white Bank Manager?  

I feel that we need to do something about the fact that the police think there are only black criminals and nothing else.  They cannot accept that black people can be Bank Manager, Lawyers, Doctors, Head Teachers and have nice cars and nice homes unless it is acquired through crime.  This needs to be stamped out totally and by signing this petition you are siding with the fact that the police have been purely and simply racists in this instance and you care that Black Lives Matter.  I want huge compensation given to this man so that the Met is never discriminatory again.