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Urge Google to correctly show Arctic sea ice on Maps

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The Arctic Ocean is covered in sea ice. But you probably didn’t know that because Google Maps doesn’t show the ice. Scientists forecast that all the ice will be melted by 2050. Few people outside of the research science field are aware of the accelerating melt because (among other reasons) Google Maps doesn’t show Arctic sea ice. We must urge Google to fix maps.

In Maps today, Google shows the topography of the ocean floor in “satellite view” and on Google Earth. While this is helpful for other oceans, it’s confusing for the Arctic. Unlike all other oceans, the Arctic Ocean has been covered in sea ice for 700,000 years.

Our recommended solution is for Google to show Arctic sea ice on Maps. Google can get the data from the NSIDC. This organization updates Arctic sea ice data daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Google Maps should show satellite imagery of the Arctic Ocean, in order for us to understand the impact of global warming on the fragile Arctic, and the endangered wildlife. Wild polar bears will become extinct if we do not protect their Arctic sea ice habitat.

There exists a strong connection between data accuracy, education, and change. You can’t teach what you don’t understand, and you can’t understand what you can’t see. Help us save the Arctic by insisting that Google properly educate and correctly show Arctic sea ice. We are petitioning Google to show the Arctic sea ice correctly on Maps. Sign our petition today.

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