Update the Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.4 "Kitkat"

Update the Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.4 "Kitkat"

October 31, 2013
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Started by Max Duckwitz

Google released the new Android 4.4 "Kitkat" today. Explaining the phone will consume even less RAM (Memory) then the previous versions, you might expect them to release it for the "older" Galaxy Nexus phone which has 1GB of RAM which is twice as much as necessary to run the latest Android version.

But no, there will not be an update for the Galaxy Nexus. Why not? Google says that the phone is on the market for two years now and that it is over it's 18 month support time.

But there are enough reasons why it would make sense to deliver the update:

  1. The Galaxy Nexus's specs fit Android 4.4
  2. Throwing the Galaxy Nexus away to get a phone with the latest Android version is bad for the environment
  3. The phone is more reliable then the newer Nexus 4
  4. Many people purchased accessories for the Galaxy Nexus which would not fit a newer Nexus device
  5. Android fragmentation (lots of different Android versions in use) which Google claims to fight will be even bigger
  6. Galaxy Nexus is still on sale on Amazon and was still sold on Google Play just a year ago
  7. "The Galaxy Nexus generated a high level of anticipation and received very positive reviews" ~ Wikipedia

We, the Galaxy Nexus owners and anticipators ask you, Google, to update the Galaxy Nexus for one last time and give us Kitkat! Don't be an apple ;) 

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This petition had 32,924 supporters

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