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Support & Acknowledge Nexus 6P Issues

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Nexus 6P users are experiencing a lot of problems that have fallen on deaf ears.

The most prevalent, and affects me personally, is the phone dying before the battery level (shown by Android itself) is < 5%. Many users report their phones dying around 15% (when battery saver kicks in) or the 30-25%. There's even cases where phones are dying with upwards of 40% battery left. A thread on Google's own support forum has almost 2,000 post so far, no response from Google, and has been given a priority of "low". This is completely unacceptable.

Another major problem appears to be bootloops. Nexus 6P devices are spontaneously entering an infinite rebooting state, also called boot loop. In this condition, the devices are unable to access the Android operating system. Thus, the devices are not usable, or bricked.

Many of the devices, purchased in Q4 2015, are outside of the one year warranty period. The devices were bought and sold worldwide, and the issue is documented as affecting a significant number.

It looks like Huawei has been issuing replacement devices to some users, which is a nice gesture, but people are reporting the problem to still exists. We need Google (and Huawei) to publically acknowledge these issues and lay out a plan to fix it that works.

To Google, just because you guys have the Pixel X and Pixel XL out doesn't give you the right to screw over Nexus 6P users. Especially when Project Fi is still issuing devices.

To Huawei, many users, at least in the U.S., barely know your name. Don't let this be how they first come in contact with your brand. 

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