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Google - Stop supporting Autism Speaks & Aut10K

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There are many reasons why supporting Autism Speaks is a bad thing. Google is an influential company and by assisting what is seen by many as a hate group they are unintentionally condoning some truly horrific ideals. If you believe that accepting Autistics is more important that analyzing and antagonizing them - please sign and share this petition.


As an Autistic person, I am appalled at the conduct of Autism Speaks, and as a Google user I am utterly distraught at the prospect of the two combining forces. There is a large movement to boycott Autism Speaks and it would be not only difficult but disappointing to have to boycott Google as well.


The conviction of my moral opposition to Autism Speaks vastly outweighs my appreciation of the services that Google provides, but rather than be forced to choose I would much prefer if I could continue to both use Google and boycott Autism Speaks simultaneously.


Google has a slogan, "Don't Be Evil" and yet by supporting Autism Speaks in their Aut10k endeavour they will be doing just that. Genomic research into Autism is not evil in and of itself, but the eugenicist ideals of Autism Speaks is undeniably so.


Autism Speaks is an organization that continually depicts Autism as a tragedy and repeatedly attempts to silence the positive voices of Autistic adults in political and activist forums. Autism Speaks is dishonest about the appropriation of their funding and evasive when it comes to addressing their faults.


  • Autism Speaks unabashedly spreads bigoted misinformation using fear-mongering tactics.


  • There is a growing movement to boycott Autism Speaks and all that are associated with them.


  • Autism Speaks does not speak for Autistic people - they speak over us. They try to silence us.


  • Autism Speaks actively lobbies against Autistic self-advocates. Not only do they support ideals that are often condemned by Autistic adults but they actually publicly discredit Autistic self-advocacy.


  • The genomics research in question will be used to identify, treat, cure and ultimately eradicate Autistic people. It will not be used to achieve a greater understanding of Autistic people.


  • This agenda is in line with eugenics.


  • There is not a single Autistic person on the board of directors and Autism Speaks continually refuses to allow Autistics to take leadership positions within their organization.


  • Autism Speaks is a notoriously dishonest and greedy organization. The percentage of their budget going towards programs and services for Autistic people is so minimal as to be negligible.


  • Autism Speaks does far more to promote negative propaganda and to malign and subjugate Autistic people than they have ever done to improve awareness of Autism.


  • Autism is not a puzzle that needs to be solved or a devastating disease that needs to be cured.


  • Autism is an established neurological condition and it is a disability which often requires assistance and support. It is not something to vilify, to fear or to pity.


  • Most Autistic adults do not want to be cured - we are happy with our unique perspectives.


  • Supporting Autism Speaks is also supporting bigotry, deceit, prejudice and avarice.


  • There are many other organizations throughout the world that not only support Autistic people but promote acceptance and understanding. Autism Speaks does the exact opposite of that.

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