Google should stop Lifetime ban for developers/publishers

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Google terminates Google Adsense and Play developer accounts with monopolistic unfair behaviors using tyrannical and strict banning system, bans users to participate in these products again. You are not allowed to register a new developer account, can’t use these services even though you understand your mistakes.

Google must give publishers/developers another chance to correct their mistakes as long as they don’t insist on their mistakes they ever did.

But Google forbids developers instead of the contents that violate rules.

Lifetime bans prevent well-intentioned users to contribute to Google again.

Any new accounts are terminated if they believe they are associated with any banned accounts or persons although they have not any content violates any rule. Your family members who are using the same computer, living the same addresses, connecting from the same IP cannot create any developer or Adsense account. They will be regarded as associated account even though they have nothing to do with banned users. You are not allowed to create a white page whatever you do because of prior mistakes you’ve done in the past. You are regarded as criminal and your name is taken into blacklisted.

Google can prevent contents that have a violation instead of preventing users or terminating accounts.

Every account should be checked according to its current status regardless of developer/publisher names or prior mistakes.

Associated accounts must be proved with the current violations related to prior mistakes. Using the same computer, living in the same address is not enough evidence, does not prove anything if you have no violation in your account.

“REASON FOR TERMINATION: Prior violations of the Developer Program Policies and Developer Distribution Agreement by this or associated accounts as outlined in previous emails sent to the registered email address(es) of the Publisher account(s).”

Google is not right to prevent people’s participation due to IP and home address, credit card names, connected devices. It against human rights and universal laws. They can’t store all your personal information, use them for marketing or against you.

Google ruins developers/publishers labors without contacting them to solve what problems are. No phone, live support etc.

Google started its journey telling “Don’t be evil”. This rule has been broken by Google Play Team.

App and account terminations without prior notice conflict with Google’s reputations. You are being blacklisted as if you are a criminal that they forbid you to register a new account even though you understand your mistake, try to open a white page for new apps.

Although we try to make our best to develop policy compliant apps, everybody can make a mistake. Everybody deserves another chance to correct their mistakes

When you are making billions of dollars a year by selling other people’s apps, you need to give those developers the courtesy of an explanation and a working appeals process.

Google turns people against itself by non-transparent policies, get developers away from Android.

Please consider this message as a collective message that reflects the sentiments of the Android developers from all over to world who lost their developer accounts and valuable works. It is very saddening to see that despite our efforts to acquire some reliable information about these terminations, we, unfortunately, having a very hard time getting an adequate response from the officials.

This lack of information has definitely affected our enthusiasm to develop Android applications. It has also broken our trust for Google Play since we are regarded as criminal and lost our developer account. Yet when we are not informed properly, rumors start to kick in and it damages not only our relationship to your very valued company but also your own reputation and image.

We would truly appreciate if you can provide an official and reliable response to this message as soon as possible and also let us know our mistakes.

We are looking forward to your response and we truly hope that you will take care of the process in a more professional manner from this point all, thank you.

On behalf of Android Developers.