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Google: Segregate sexually explicit content on Google Play #android

Google Play store makes sexually explicit content freely accessible to everyone, including children!

There are more than 44 million people in India who have access to Google play which lets them download digital content including books, music and videos.

Children are encouraged to explore a variety of adult games. This is because these games are conveniently placed on the same list which features apps like ‘Chotta Bheem’ or ‘Ninja Jump’!

Google Play as a platform caters to all age groups and does not differentiate between users or content. 6 to 106 year olds may be flicking through the same list of content categorized as ‘games’, ‘live wallpaper’ and others.

Google’s own policies state that they don’t allow content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts or sexually explicit material - but the content is still accessible to everyone!

Google should behave like a responsible company and segregate ‘adult’ content from normal apps.

Sign this petition and tell Google to immediately respond to its ‘showcase policy’ or at least segregate all adult apps under a clear ‘Adult’ category.

The adult content should be made accessible with age verification conditions and a disclaimer.

Letter to
Global CEO, Google Eric Schmidt
Managing Director Google India Rajan Anandan
Dear Sir/ Maam,

As an avid user of Android based applications, it has constantly disappointed me to browse through a variety of apps available which includes sexually explicit content in the same category as the other available apps.

As per the Google Play Developer Program Policies, accessible at: it has been stated that:
“Sexually Explicit Material: We don't allow content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material…”
It is indeed crucial therefore that Google immediately respond to its above mentioned policy or at least segregate all adult apps under a clear ‘Adult’ category.

It is only appropriate that Google immediately pull down adult content from all available categories and place it in a separate ‘Adult’ section, accessible only with specific age verification conditions and a disclaimer which limits the scope of accessibility to intending adult consumers only.

Looking forward to your early action,