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Stop blocking the word "bisexual" from instant search results.

Google has been a long-time supporter of LGBT equality causes. Blocking this term does not reflect inclusiveness and allows a common myth of bisexuality--that it doesn't really exist--to continue. 


As a member of the bisexual community, this hits me personally.  I have been subjected to plenty of misconceptions and stereotypes.  Blocking access to information will only perpetuate biphobia. 


Or imagine teenagers and young adults who think they might be bisexual turning to Google for information.  What would they find?  What would it make them think?


Imagine this, too:  You are a parent whose child just came out as bisexual.  You turn to Google to look up information on how to best support your son/daughter.  However, you run in to roadblocks, limiting what you find.  What would that be like for you?


I believe that Google has a responsibilty to fully reflect its support for the LGBT community and advancing our equality.  With the block still in place, only partial equality is reflected. 


By signing this petition, you are asking Google to more fully reflect its commitment to supporting the LGBT community.

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