Restore Google Play Developer Account and stop banning by senseless bot.

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This is petition against Google's senseless bot who terminate the account of developer, try to survive their life by learning Android and making app and publish it on play store to earn some money. 

Every developer do lot's of efforts to learn Android, develop app and then publish it on play store. After this they promote their app to get installed and always work many hours to update their app. 

And Google's Bot, who has no feeling, no emotions and non-sense, work on a pattern and terminate their account without giving the proper information and many time Google Bot's decision is wrong. 

Most humbly and respectfully I request Google to please change this way to terminate account.

I request Google to don't take benifit of monopoly and act like a daemon. You serve user, you are not God.

I request Google to kindly understand the efforts of developer.

I request Google to don't play with life of Developers by your senseless bots.

And according to Right to Forget, if they can't reinstate account, completely remove all the information of user.